Trapped in Paradise

We find ourselves held hostage by the beauty, isolation and insane prices of a “bush camp” in the north of Mozambique and attempt to escape before the money runs dry.

Linga Linga (Pt.2)

I followed an old friend through the bush — back in time and back to basics, enjoying reconnecting and reconciling with a past that wasn’t quite through with me — on a forgotten piece of paradise.

Linga Linga (Pt.1)

Sometimes I wonder whether I dreamed up certain places I’ve been to or if they actually exist. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Linga Linga is very real and very much the same as I left it.

Inhambane City

There is little reason why Inhambane City should still exist today, and yet it has endured the tides of change with quiet dignity, as the fickle goddess of progress giveth and taketh.


Maxixe. Mind blown. Pavement, strip malls, trees. For me, Maxixe once represented a gateway to the outside world. I was eager to introduce Lori to this dusty, bustling transit hub. Only problem–I hardly recognized it.

Maputo Daze

Maputo — capital of Mozambique. It’s great to be back. Our week in Maputo proves an ideal introduction to Mozambique for Lori and reminds me why I always enjoyed visiting this unique place.

Return to Mozambique

After a month driving around South Africa, and eight years away from Mozambique, we finally cross the border into another world, both familiar and foreign.