Finca Tatin

Like straight out of the pages of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, we slowly motor up the country’s mightiest river and forge deep into the jungle on a little-known tributary searching for a man and a place.

Livingston II

After a relaxing day at the beach, we return to our home away from home in Livingston to soak in the last bits of civilization before heading up river into the jungle.

Playa Blanca II

One week after my parents arrival in Belize, Lori and I pack it up and drive them both down to immigration to ship them off to sea…

Antigua Guatemala

We spent the first four days of 2014 in utterly charming and supremely picturesque Antigua Guatemala, Spain’s former seat of power in Central America.

Up The Rio Dulce

Our first trip up the Rio Dulce, with Lori’s brother Dan along for the ride. We hit up Livingston, Finca Tatin and Fronteras (aka Rio Dulce Town).


We skip town on Pan-American Day weekend to break on through to the other side…of Amatique Bay…to visit the funky and incredibly charming seaside town of Livingston, Guatemala.