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Molcajete Madness

As Mexican as apple pie is American, but you’d be hard pressed to find a molcajete on the menu of a Mexican restaurant in the States. That, plus leaves. Lots and lots of leaves.

Time Travelers

A strange anomaly sends us back in time while hiking through a vortex in search of a mysterious jungle temple and a mystical clay healing beach (no joke).

Golf Cart Problems

We’re told you can’t have a golf cart in Sayulita without your fair share of problems. Deceptively simple machines, but no match for salt air, tropical heat, and harsh terrain.

Adios, 2020

Finishing 2020 the way we started it, at the beach! Just on a different continent. Highlights from the waning days of a helluva year.

Laying Low in Mexico

Surprise! Nope, we’re not wanted by U.S. Marshalls, and we didn’t make a run for the border, though that would’ve certainly made things more interesting. Read on to find out more.