RV Life

Mazatlan Days & Nights

The cruise ships are arriving on a daily basis now. Having never set foot on a big-name cruise ship, it’s surreal to watch them sail into port in the morning, … Read more

Celestino Paradise

In addition to being able to catch the solar eclipse just south of here at Las Labradas, Celestino and Villa Celeste treated us well for the few days we hung … Read more

Las Glorias, Sinaloa

Dodging ATVs, utility malfunctions, and Montezuma’s Revenge as three weeks of non-stop festivities on the Mexican Coast test our limits.

Holy Week Hideout

Moving to the country, exploring desert hills, and gearing up for Mexico’s biggest party of the year: Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week).

San Carlos (Nuevo Guaymas)

We finally make it back to the beach, all to find ourselves in Little Canada on a Mexican three-day weekend. Welcome to San Carlos!

Tucson Days

Lazy catch-up days in Tucson, with a hike through Sabino Canyon, and a memorable evening at one of Arizona’s most sought after campgrounds.

Projects & Preparations

With the Moho finally in the driveway, we finally begin RV projects while managing winter weather, two rambunctious boys, and painfully slow package delivery to Roseburg.