Celestino Paradise

In addition to being able to catch the solar eclipse just south of here at Las Labradas, Celestino and Villa Celeste treated us well for the few days we hung out here.

Villa Celeste is a worthwhile destination in itself—a tiny surfer’s paradise with an eclectic mix of travelers coming through, and a phenomenal location.

And the eerie coincidence of staying in places called Celestino and Villa Celeste during the solar eclipse was not lost on us either.

When we arrived, there were a number of stragglers camping on the beach left over from Semana Pescua festivities. By the time we left, we had the beach almost to ourselves, as well as some of the best sunsets on our journey so far.

Villa Celeste doesn’t have an onsite restaurant, and there isn’t a whole lot nearby. But there are a couple of options a 10-15 minute walk north, and more options in the town of Celestino.

On our second day, an RV caravan of Class A’s pulled in to the main lot. The friendly owner (also named Noe) found space for us down on the lower lot, closer to the beach. No complaints there.

On the lower part of the property, away from the Class A’s, we were surrounded by a motley mix of rigs, from camper vans and rugged overland vehicles to custom travel trailers and pickups with rooftop tents—all with fascinating people and interesting back stories to tell.

Lori enjoyed her sunrise office setup, and the boys loved their treehouse classroom overlooking the surf break.

I did, as well.

Complicated and expensive water filtration systems seem to be a mild obsession with RVers coming to Mexico from the States. We just continued what we’ve always done her—get a 5-gallon water jug refill every week or so for under a buck. Even the smallest towns have delivery, or you can fill up your drinking water at any number of places. We even kept our handy-dandy electric pump from La Paz. All works just fine for us.

Non-travel days are pretty laid back. The boys do independent reading and journaling, followed by a couple hours of school in the morning. There might be some reading games on the iPad for 30 minutes or Spanish time with Lori. Then lunchtime, an hour of quiet time, and then some pool or beach time. Dinner and bed.

The beach here goes on for what seems like forever in both directions. To the north, nothing but sand into town. To the south, bright green moss covered rocks and a vacation home enclave.

We could see ourselves staying here for a while, but we’re excited to get to Mazatlan and be a bit closer to town for a while.

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