Central America

Punta Gorda

Today marks one month until we leave Belize. We couldn’t leave without devoting at least a few posts to the community that’s been our home for the past 11 months.

Tobacco Caye II

Rounding out our time by the sea with my parents, we head back out to the islands — this time, the tiny little island of Tobacco Caye.


After a relaxing time back in PG, we head for Placencia — Southern Belize’s own beachy gem — for a weekend of sand and surf, and this particular weekend: LOBSTERFEST!

Finca Tatin

Like straight out of the pages of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, we slowly motor up the country’s mightiest river and forge deep into the jungle on a little-known tributary searching for a man and a place.

Back-a-Bush & Butterflies

Back in Belize, we take ma and pa on the recently-dubbed “Toledo Adventure Trail” loop, visiting a friend’s organic farm and guesthouse and a Blue Morpho butterfly farm in San Miguel.

Livingston II

After a relaxing day at the beach, we return to our home away from home in Livingston to soak in the last bits of civilization before heading up river into the jungle.

Playa Blanca II

One week after my parents arrival in Belize, Lori and I pack it up and drive them both down to immigration to ship them off to sea…

Caye Caulker IV

In mid-June, Lori and I returned for our fourth time to Caye Caulker to introduce my parents to the Isle of Go-Slow and to bid farewell (for now) to the caye that started it all for us here in Belize.

Tiger Cave!

We spend Belize Labor Day (May 1) hiking through the jungle to Toledo’s own Tiger Cave to commune, yet again, with the Mayan Underworld of Xibalba.

Antigua Guatemala

We spent the first four days of 2014 in utterly charming and supremely picturesque Antigua Guatemala, Spain’s former seat of power in Central America.

Up The Rio Dulce

Our first trip up the Rio Dulce, with Lori’s brother Dan along for the ride. We hit up Livingston, Finca Tatin and Fronteras (aka Rio Dulce Town).

San Ignacio (Cayo)

After leaving Caye Caulker, we head to San Ignacio with Lori’s brother Dan. In addition to being an excellent jumping off point for Tikal and ATM caves, San Ignacio proves a great little destination in itself.

Belizean Cultural Day

We head out with Hillside students and staff to sample a “lee-bit” of Southern Belize including Q’eqchi basket weaving and tortilla making, Garifuna drumming, Mayan ruins, and a chilly swim into the depths of the Earth.


We skip town on Pan-American Day weekend to break on through to the other side…of Amatique Bay…to visit the funky and incredibly charming seaside town of Livingston, Guatemala.

Caye Caulker

We head to slow and funky Caye Caulker en route to Toledo District in Belize, to soak up some island fun in the sun and see what all the fuss is about.