Moving Week

Our final week living in Laos is upon us! Saying goodbyes, packing up, and moving out of our house in Vientiane, and gearing up for new adventures ahead.

7 Years Hitched

Hard to believe it’s been seven years since diving off the deep end together. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess! A quick recap on a perfect anniversary weekend with and without the boys.

Full Circle

Returning with Noe to one of the places where it all began for us in Vientiane, and we are amazed once again at the difference three short years make.

Under Construction

How can a city be constantly changing and not really changing at all — all at the very same time? We set out with Noe and Riley to answer that very same question, with astonishingly unsurprising results.

3 Years Old in Laos

That’s right! Our little Mister just turned THREE. Hard to believe it’s already been three years since we carted the little nugget home with us for the first time. Here are the highlights from an eventful day. Happy Birthday, Noe!

Laos Life: May 2019

Jazz, rainstorms, sweltering heat, tuk tuks, more new eateries, a whole lot of hoofin’ it, staying local, and a crawler on our hands defined our third May living in Vientiane.

Laos Life: April 2019

Riley tries out nursery school and solid foods, I try out days without kids and three new coffee shops, and Lori and Noe try their best to stay out of trouble.

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Laos Life: March 2019

From killer smog, to potty training, first weekend away, to 3/4 of the fam getting sick, March had a little something for everyone. Here’s a look back at an eventful month here in Vientiane.


What’s it like to live with the worst air quality in the world? Little did we know, we were about to find out.

Champa Garden Restaurant

A 10km drive north of the city center, Champa Garden offers excellent Lao food in a unique aquatic setting, along with a sprawling Champa flower garden in a city where gardens are few and far between.

Just Another Saturday Night…

It’s Saturday night again in Vientiane. Riley and I have just made it to the drop zone, and have just 90 minutes to rendezvous with the rest of our party at the designated extraction point. Will we make it in time, or get waylaid by cold beer?

We’re Back!

After reconnecting with family and friends (and disconnecting from the online world) for the past five months, we’re back! — in Laos, and back on AwayGoWe!

Riley’s Introduction to ITECC

By our second full day together, I could tell Riley was getting restless. Only one solution to that in Vientiane. A trip to ITECC! Only problem is it’s no longer a ten minute walk, but a half-day’s journey on foot.

Noe Turns Two

Hard to believe, but the Mister is two years old! We celebrate Noe’s landmark birthday, then our anniversary, two days later.

The Secret Island Hideaway

A traditional Lao house moved, piece-by-piece, to the tranquility of a riverine island — off the grid and completely offline. Yep, this is one special place, and one we’re not divulging the location of any time soon!