Laos Expat Life

Welcome to our Laos expat adventure!

We moved to Vientiane in 2016 under contract with a three-month-old and welcomed a second in October 2018. Lori’s initial contract with her INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization) was two years, but we decided to extend for a third year.

Though we relocated from Vientiane to Phnom Penh in October 2019, the Laos capital will always hold a special place in our memories.

As you’ll gather from reading our posts, expat life here is relaxed, low drama, and no hassle. In short, it’s old school — a throw-back to a time before the West went and got itself in a big ol’ hurry. But that seems to be changing in Vientiane rather quickly.

This is our Laos Expat story (in reverse chronology) below.

Laos Expat Life

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