Chiang Mai: Awk Phansa & Sunday Night Market

Who doesn’t love a good night market? Chiang Mai’s got some of the best (and most crowded), particularly their Sunday Night Market Walking Street, in which the Old City’s main drag where wheels are banned and feet rule the night.

But first, a quick trip down memory lane. 2012:

And 2016:

Fewer flags and more Chinese! Oh, and Lori traded in her Iced Grande Mocha for a slightly heavier wardrobe accessory.

After a long day kicking around in the rain, temple-gazing, and getting pummeled by a very strong Thai woman, it was time to tack on an additional mile or two and have a couple of beers overlooking the river at one of Chiang Mai’s most time-honored drinking establishments: The Riverside Bar & Restaurant.

“Imported Craft Beers” — the anticipation is killing me!

After thirty minutes of walking from the Old City, we finally arrive. This way, please…



Noe’s expression says it all…

“Um…guys, I don’t mean to be a downer, but that is the clearest glass of beer I have ever seen. And I’ve been around for almost four months!”

So what do you do at one of Chiang Mai’s best bars when you aren’t allowed to buy alcohol and already have dinner plans? You get a Thai Iced Tea and battered prawns, of course.

Dinner cruise.

Chiang Mai bike share.

One of over 7,000 7-11s in Thailand. Yes, that 7-11.

Thirty minutes later, we’re back at Thapae Gate and…

Holy moly. And this is just the crowd waiting to cross the street. Night Market!!!

Chiang Mai toilet signs — Yep, that’s about right.

As soon as the crowds thinned out, I was able to snap a picture of Lori and the rag doll attached to her. Minutes later, he was wide awake, and none too happy about it. Funny thing about large crowds, you can’t even hear your own kid whining and screaming. Nice.

Not to worry, the Mister was soon dealt with…and got exactly what he deserved (i.e. a good long feeding and a diaper change, just outside of one of Chiang Mai’s oldest and most revered temples)…but we’ll get to that.

We quickly discovered that a street market is not an ideal place to breastfeed and change the diaper of a child. Crazy, right?

Fortunately, we soon stumbled upon a side road, with more market stalls — and the ghostly wooden Wat Phan Tao.

Four years ago, we stumbled upon this same wat during the day and, besides being the sole all-wood wat in Chiang Mai, didn’t find it that interesting.

This time around, lit up in the evening and decorated for Awk Phansa, the wat seems to have taken on a whole different character.

While Lori was feeding Noe, I had a rare chance to wander the grounds on my own.

Offerings for Awk Phansa.

Nearly a month back in Southeast Asia and I hadn’t yet been able to go into a wat and sit in meditative silence for five minutes. Somehow, 3-month-olds make such things just a bit more challenging.

As Noe was occupied and in mommy’s hands for the next several minutes, I quickly seized the opportunity at hand.

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  1. Love the architecture, love the scenery and I am in awe how lovely they display the food, especially produce. So Noe just goes with the flow ? how cute!!! 🙂


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