Xieng Khouang: Cemetery Sunset

After visiting the Plain of Jars Site #1, we returned to town and decided to go on a sunset walk up to the old Chinese cemetery just north of town. I took Noe up here the previous day and Lori wanted to check it out as well. We don’t see sunsets from hills in Vientiane, so this was a treat — though a good sunset over the Mekong is nothing to sneeze at either.

Across the valley on a nearby hill stands a large Buddhist shrine.

From here, we could see all of Phonsavan coated in a layer of evening smoke settling in to the valley from the burning of fields, trash and grilling of meat. Sometimes it seems like Laotians burn just about everything.

The large obelisk with Chinese inscribed on the front can be seen for miles. Anyone care to translate?

Noe loves sunsets. I think it reminds him of the gleaming hue of a golden lager against the light.

Can’t say I envy the residents of this particular hilltop. But I have to admit, they’ve got one heck of a view.

3 thoughts on “Xieng Khouang: Cemetery Sunset”

  1. It reads “[The spirit of the] Chinese revolutionary martyrs will pass on forever”

  2. Noe and I certainly think alike—about sunsets, that is!!! : )


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