Waiting for a Weather Window

A couple weeks ago, we looked at our projects, looked at the calendar, and penciled in a departure date of February 27th. At the time, the main factors impacting when we could leave were both mail-related.

To our pleasant surprise, we received our title in the mail a few days after visiting the DMV (it was estimated to take two weeks or more). And this past weekend, we finally received the last of the packages we’ve been waiting for from Amazon.

Despite all that, today’s Tuesday the 27th and it doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere any time soon. This time, the delay is weather related.

To make matters more aggravating, we just had a string of gorgeous days across the Pacific Northwest (stretching down into California’s Central Valley), perfect for the maiden voyage of a 25-foot home on wheels.

But because of our package delays, we weren’t able to dive into a couple of big projects we had until a few days ago. On the bright side, we got to take advantage of those unseasonably warm days to get 90% of the items on our prep list crossed off. But we missed the weather window, which means we’re now looking at a possible departure date at least a week from now.

We don’t have any hard and fast plans for the future. We’re just eager to get back to Mexico and shift into low gear for a while as we figure out home schooling, get the boys settled in a new rhythm, and figure out how one goes about living in an RV full time in Mexico.

Our first major waypoint in Mexico is San Carlos, Sonora on the mainland side of the Sea of Cortez. We figured that 18 months in Baja was enough for now and we’re looking forward to new adventures in other parts of Mexico.

We’ve got our sights set on the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico for the foreseeable future. Sometime later in the year, we’d like to end up in Oaxaca. Or maybe the Yucatan. Who knows?

To get to San Carlos, we’ve got to head south and east from Roseburg, Oregon, where we are now. It doesn’t matter much which route we take. But the roads of course need to be open with no chain requirements. Last week, a beast of a storm dumped several feet of snow across the length of the Sierras, from Tahoe on south. So routes headed over the Sierra Nevada are a no-go.

Driving east from Roseburg is also not an option at this point, with winter storms continuing to dump snow from Bend down to Klamath Falls and beyond.

So, we’ve been eyeing simply heading south along I-5, over the Siskiyous and Shasta County and down through the Central Valley. But with the latest forecast and chain requirements, even that route seems to be compromised through the weekend.

Which brings us to the present. No more RV projects for the time being and just laying low with the grandparents until we see an opportunity to head south.

Noe was excited to get the chance to put together one of the few relics I’ve held on to from the 80s for the boys.

And of course, lots more fun time with both sets of grandparents.

Winter storm warnings were in effect for the mountains to the east and south, with possible snow forecast for Roseburg during the weekend. Roseburg rarely sees snow in the winter, and when there is a possibility of snow, it either doesn’t stick or just doesn’t pan out.

But the boys refused to give up on the hope that it would snow right here in Roseburg during our visit.

We did see our fair share of rain, which we definitely did not see much down in the Baja desert.

And then, with only two days to go until our planned departure, the boys finally got their wish.

Noe woke everyone up and couldn’t contain his excitement. Riley on the other hand took a few steps out the back door and decided the whole snow thing might not be for him.

We got him to come out a bit later, but not for long.

Noe didn’t come back in until well after most of the snow had melted and his snowman was well on its way to suffering the same fate.

Hot cocoa time.

By 1pm, not a trace of snow was left (but for the little snowman Noe managed to save in Poppi’s bucket). Such is winter in these parts.

The Siskiyous to the south and Cascades to the east are getting dumped on. And tomorrow, another front is expected to roll through here in the afternoon. We’re hoping all looks good for threading the needle south tomorrow morning. If we can reach Redding by early afternoon, we’ll have the worst of it behind us.

Then, it looks like heavy rain all the way until we reach the Mojave desert.

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