Baja Beginnings: New Adventures on the Sea of Cortez

Yep, we’re on the move again! Nayarit’s been a fun experience for the past two years, but the feet are itchy and new adventures await in this big, beautiful country.

On our final day in Chacala, Lori and the boys wrapped things up at school in the morning while I finished packing up the 4×4.

We sold or gave away what we couldn’t take with us and I got the unenviable job of Tetris-ing the rest of our belongings in the oppressive mid-July heat and humidity. I was on my third shirt by the time we pulled out.

We were on the road headed north by noon. We got lucky with the weather and the traffic and pulled into our Airbnb for the next few days just before sundown.

Four days later, we were on a massive cargo ferry crossing the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) en route to our new home for the foreseeable future – La Paz.

How we ended up deciding to leave Nayarit and making the move north I’ll save for future updates.

As this is my first time posting an actual daily life blog post in 18 months, I’ve undoubtedly got some catching up to do.

In our “moving to Chacala” post, I talked about the possibility of alternating posts between catch-up posts and current posts, which I still think is a good idea.

As this blog is first and foremost for us and the boys, I’m hellbent on filling in the gaps of the past year, particularly our time in Chacala.

Lots more posts and pics on the way from La Paz, Chacala, and the rest of our time in Sayulita, as well as a few other surprises too.

More to come!

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